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Becky Cloonan Signing

Wednesday, October 18 5 pm to 8 pm

Becky Cloonan is coming to Escapist Comics on Wednesday 10/18 and we couldn't be more excited! Becky is a brilliant and accomlished artist and writer. She was the 1st female artist to draw the main Batman title in 2012. She's worked for almost every publisher in the industry. Her work with Brian Wood on Demo was nominated for 2 Eisner Awards. She also did the art for the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, written by Gerard Way & Shaun Simon. Most recently she has written Punisher for Marvel and from Image Comics, Southern Cross which is part science fiction, part horror/mystery, all fantastically weird and original. By Chance or Providence also has hit the shelves, recently recolored, this collection of short stories is hauntingly beautiful with each story having it's own compelling theme. The only thing bad about this collection is that it will leave you wanting more. She's done so much.

Just make sure you make it to this signing. We're so lucky have her!

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Sunday, October 15th 6:45 pm

Get together with a group of people who (like you) read comics and want to talk about them. Each month we discuss a different graphic novel. It is a great way to expose yourself to a comic that you might not have tried if were not for that friend who suggested it. The reading selections are nominated by group members and chosen by the group, and all of us are (yes) friends having met at the group.

This month we are reading:

Shade the Changing Girl
by (W) Cecil Castellucci & Various (A) Marley Zarcone & Various

On the planet Meta, young Loma steals the madness coat that once belonged to Rac Shade and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new body: Earth girl Megan Boyer. Only now Loma learns that Megan was a bully whom everyone hated, and Loma has to survive high school with the ever-growing and uncontrollable madness at her side-not to mention there are people back on her homeworld who might just want Shade's coat back.

Our selection for the next month is

Savage Town

by Phillip Barret, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles

Based on real events at the turn of the century. In Limerick City, Jimmy "Hardy" Savage heads up a small-time gang in a city gripped by tow big-time gangs, and his presence has been tolerated - until now. Jimmy is in for a mess of trouble.

"Savage Town features the kind of writing and art that'll have you devouring the whole thing at one sitting. If you like seeing comics realizing their potential,or you just like a damn good story, this one's so far up your street it's parked outside your house."
- Garth Ennis

Book Club Benefits include:
  • Most excellent company
  • Refreshments
  • 20% discount on book club titles
  • ..and sometimes surprises

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Escapist Comics Podcast

Have you listened to it, yet?

Hosted by Escapist Comic Staff (Jessica Balboni and Jesse Hett), the Escapist Comics Podcast features reviews of the current week's comics and insightful and often comedic looks at comics today, comic book movies, tv, celebrities, and sometimes a bit of gossip. If it looks like a comic and smells like a comic, it's fair game. Many of the podcasts feature comic creator interviews. Those who have appeared on the podcast include Rick Remender, Brian Wood, Alex de Campi, Becky Cloonan, Matteo Pizzolo, Matthew Rosenberg, Babs Tarr, Jason Latour and countless others. (well maybe it's a number you can count to but that doesn't sound anywhere as good as "countless", does it?)

What? You haven't been listening? Well click here and get to it!

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NEW indie arrivals at the store...

  • Alexa and Rutless by Jerimiah Suit and Joe Bilicic - Part 3 of a sci-fi story that takes place in the bay area....$4.99
  • Burrito Gun a collection of sketches by Ben Seto - by the creator of Skullbunnies... $25
  • The Box by Jason Rose. Explicit content for mature readers. Full length CD by Butt Sacks. I think you get the idea. Be afraid... $15
  • Varsity 7 by Jason Mendez and Ariel Lacci. Due to an accounting error a student does not have enough for his last semester of college, so he pulls a heist.

Three Comics by Fred Noland

Fred is an independent comic artist living in Oakland. He has self-published a number of great comics over the years. He recently dropped these off at the store.

  • Major Taylor tells the story of the black American cyclist who won the world 1 mile (1.6 km) track cycling championship in 1899 after setting numerous world records and overcoming racial discrimination.
  • 557: A story about riding in the 2007 Aids Life Cycle event from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days.
  • Black Sheep #3 continues his "Neighborhood of the Beast" series.Ivan and Fazul enjoy a boy's night out.

Check out all the fine comics that independent creators have been dropping off at the store lately. Try one of our 10 comics for $5 grab bags of older minis to sample a bit of that indie feel.

Creators! We have our consignment system in place. Contact us at hello at escapistcomics dot com ....... natch!

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Wolverine Contest Update

This is directed to the contestants of our "When Does Wolverine Come Back to Life" contest. We still have the ballots and the prize but, according to the contest definition of what qualifies as back to life (actual Logan, no clone, no fauverines), he is still DEAD. All New Wolverine is a woman ,Old Man Logan came from another universe, and Secret Wars solved nothing. Keep waiting... Rumors abound.

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Watch Katie Couric's Feature:

Click on picture to be taken to her yahoo page to view.

Some of the great, new female comic creators, including (of all people) Kelly Sue, talk about the roles of women in todays comics as both superheroes and creators.

FIRST 2 COMICS ARE FREE. Next 10 are 50 cents a piece. After that 25 cents each. Sale applies to all comics in white boxes on the sidewalk. NEW COMICS HAVE BEEN ADDED and will be ADDED EACH WEEK.

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