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And look for NEW RELEASES from DC and others here.

The ESCAPIST is now OPEN EVERY DAY to the public browsing and curbside delivery.
Free local delivery, too. Scroll down for details!

Jack makes an appearance in Netflix's LAST CHANCE U !

If you get Neflix, check out season 5 of LAST CHANCE U which is about the Laney College football team. It is a great show. Jack, the owner of the Escapist and Dark Carnival Bookstore, is interviewed in episode 4. No, he doesn't throw a "Hail Mary."

The ESCAPIST is now OPEN EVERY DAY to the public.

Store Hours

  • Monday to Saturdays 10:30 am - 7pm
  • Sunday 12:00 pm - 6pm
  • Wednesday 10:30 am to 7pm
  • Masks are required and there are rules posted at the store. Let's stay safe!
  • Dark Carnival is open for the same hours.

DC Comics come out on Tuesday and other publishers on Wednesday

Come by and check out the selection of new comics and old that you have come to know so well.

We are still offering Curbside Pickup and Sunday FREE Local Home Delivery in the East Bay on the bayside of hills from Albany to Fruitvale Ave in Oakland.

How to do curbside and home delivery:

Local Deliveries: Order by early Saturday afternoon for Sunday delivery.

Curbside Pickup: For faster service the best method is to order in advance but we will also do walk-ups. In either case, YOU MUST WEAR A MASK for service.

Ordering in advance:

  1. Send us an email at hello at with your order and whether you would like pick-up or delivery. Inquire about shipping.

  2. Include your phone number in the email. Orders without phone numbers can not be filled.

  3. We are not accepting cash payments. There are two ways to pay. Please specify how you wish to pay in your order.

    1. PAYPAL: We send an email back confirming what we could fill with the total and you pay by sending your payment via Paypal to

    2. CREDIT CARD: Do not send your credit card number in your email. We will call you to get your credit card info and charge your card only for the items we are able to fill. We are not accepting cash payments.

We'll arrange an approximate time (a 30 minute window) for you to come by the store. Let us know when you are here and we will bring it out. Our number is 510-652-6642.

For deliveries please let us know if you have special delivery instructions. Time windows may not be possilbe due to location or timing constraints. Our standard procedure will be to call or message you before making the delivery.

Thank you for being a customer with the Escapist. We value your patronage and will certainly miss your company during this time. When this is all over we can go back to having fun like we used to.

Start a Pullbox

We'd like to than everybody for your support during this hard time. Another way you can help the store is to start a pullbox. Having a pullbox guarantees that you will get the comics you want. They will be waiting here for you when they arrive. This allows us to order better, which will help us greatly when re-open.

Program Details:

  • We pull and hold the comics for you every Wednesday.
  • Free bags and boards
  • No minimum, but if you order 5 or more titles per month.......
  • You get a FREE copy of Previews and ...
  • You can pre-order from Previews and get a 20% discount on those pre-orders except for new comics and selected toys.

Escapist Comic Bookstore wins Diamond Distributors BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL SECTION AWARD for 2019

Last year our store was selected by our fellow comic book retailers as having the best graphic novel section in Diamond Distributors Best Retail Practices Awards. The Diamond Retail BPAs seek to identify and honor comic book specialty retailers that demonstrate best practices in their stores, thereby offering their patrons and community a consistently appealing shopping experience. We feel honored to receive this award.

Hey, come check it out for yourself.


We love the small independent presses. We carry many of them, including a lot of local creators and and students studying comics at the California College of Art. You should check out our indie comic section. There may be something there for you. Here is a sampling of independent / small press comics that we gotten in recently!

New Titles
  • New on 10/18/2019

    Freaky Numb Two edited by Andrew "The Slow Poisoner" Goldfarb - Fools rush in to fill the void to soon be left by the demise of original content in Mad Magazine. Check out this local, loco zine of loonyness. Where is numb one? Don't be a zero, start here! - 44 pages - $4.00 cheaper!

  • Drunk Fools by Brian Van Gold and Robert F. - Okay, you know you've been drunk in your life. Really? You're gonna stick with that story? I only hope you didn't do any of these things when you "weren't" drunk. $3.00

  • Rude Panda by D.Comics - RUDE PANDA is a panda who stars in a weekly web comic all about her. She also shares her Vegan recipe videos on her Youtube channel, her Dj mixes on her Bandcamp page and her favorite meals on her Instagram page. Just don�t be offended if she makes fun of your clothes. Or your hair. Or your taste in music. Or your driving. Or your cooking. Or your face. You get the idea. This comic is a hard copy selection from the web comic. Check her out!!

  • Attention Passengers by Vanessa Zucker - A coloring book for public transportation featuring passengers, station denizens, tickets, garbage, and mysterious substances on the floor for you to color. Or, you could just laugh as you realize the people and stories contained within are all based on the wild truths that those of us who don't drive all share. $12.00

    Attention Passengers website

There are even fine comics that independent creators have been dropping off at the store lately. You can also try one of our 10 comics for $5 grab bags of older minis to sample a bit of that indie feel.

Creators! We have our consignment system in place. Contact us at hello at escapistcomics dot com ....... natch!


If you have never been to our store, YOU SHOULD READ THIS REVIEW. One of our new customers has a blog and she really likes the store. She gives you a complete tour that will make you want to hop in that car, train, boat, or plane to get yourself here. Check her blog out at: GeekMomLife

Escapist Comics Podcast

Have you listened to it, yet? LISTEN

Hosted by Escapist Comic Staff (Jessica Balboni and Jesse Hett), the Escapist Comics Podcast features reviews of the current week's comics and insightful and often comedic looks at comics today, comic book movies, tv, celebrities, and sometimes a bit of gossip. If it looks like a comic and smells like a comic, it's fair game. Many of the podcasts feature comic creator interviews. Those who have appeared on the podcast include Rick Remender, Brian Wood, Alex de Campi, Becky Cloonan, Matteo Pizzolo, Matthew Rosenberg, Babs Tarr, Jason Latour and countless others. (well maybe it's a number you can count to but that doesn't sound anywhere as good as "countless", does it?)

FIRST 2 COMICS ARE FREE. Next 10 are 50 cents a piece. After that 25 cents each. Sale applies to all comics in white boxes on the sidewalk. NEW COMICS HAVE BEEN ADDED and will be ADDED EACH WEEK.

There is one guy who is getting a lot of great comics. Why isn't that guy also you?