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Escapist Comic Bookstore wins Diamond Distributors BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL SECTION AWARD for 2019

This Spring our store was selected by our fellow comic book retailers as having the best graphic novel section in Diamond Distributors Best Retail Practices Awards. The Diamond Retail BPAs seek to identify and honor comic book specialty retailers that demonstrate best practices in their stores, thereby offering their patrons and community a consistently appealing shopping experience. We feel honored to receive this award.

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We love the small independent presses. We carry many of them, including a lot of local creators and and students studying comics at the California College of Art. You should check out our indie comic section. There may be something there for you. Here is a sampling of independent / small press comics that we just got in!

Three comics by Leah Yael Levy.

  • Ok, Bye Yael recounts her various misadventures in this journal comic about finding housing in the bay area from 2015 to 2019

  • A Thumb on the Scales of Justice in Israel - The story of Ahed tamiomi, a Palestinian teenager being helf without bail in a system where different laws apply to different people. Originally published on the

  • El Amoren Tiempos de Gurerra (Love in Times of War) by Michelle Rodriquez with art by Leah Yael Levy - This story was originally created in the Stories of Home project.

  • and also....
  • The Idea Who Was (A 24 hour comic) by Joseph Cotsirilos - Joseph Cotsrilos makes poetic zines. This one is about (what can best be described as) a figment's life and travels inside the various ideas of others.

  • Pope Hats #6 by Hartley Lin - Hartley Lin's most candid work to date. Having discarded his former pen name, Lin narrates "Shapeshifter," about a period of rapid change in his life that includes moving to the woods outside Montreal and the intense first months as a new parent. A novel and intimate account of speeding time.

  • There are even fine comics that independent creators have been dropping off at the store lately. You can also try one of our 10 comics for $5 grab bags of older minis to sample a bit of that indie feel.

    Creators! We have our consignment system in place. Contact us at hello at escapistcomics dot com ....... natch!


    Sunday, July 21st 6:45 pm

    Do you like to talk about the comics you read? Well we sure do! In fact we get together every other month at the Escapist to do just that. It's a great deal of fun. If we are lucky to get a creator skype in or (gasp!) even appear at book club. You can read about it here.


    by Sam Humphries (W) and Jen Bartel A)

    There's a magical world hiding in Los Angeles and Nina Rodriguez knows it. When an enormous otherworldly beast kidnaps her sister, Nina must confront her past and her demons - not to mention the ruthless cabals in charge of the city's magic - to get her back and reclaim her life.

    Fan-favorite writer Sam Humphries (Harley Quinn, Nightwing) and red-hot artist Jen Bartel (Mighty Thor and more variant covers than you can shake a stick at) present this smash-hit, neo-noir fantasy series!

    Book Club Benefits include:
    • Most excellent company
    • Refreshments
    • 20% discount on book club titles
    • ..and sometimes surprises

    Rare Bird Sighting at our sister store Dark Carnival

    Though once widely seen across the globe, the Signing Gaiman has been a bit elusive in recent years. A short while ago one was spotted at Dark Carnival as this breed is known to frequent bookstores. An astute watcher got a photo of him leaving his mark on some books that are now available at both Dark Carnival and at our store.


    If you have never been to our store, YOU SHOULD READ THIS REVIEW. One of our new customers has a blog and she really likes the store. She gives you a complete tour that will make you want to hop in that car, train, boat, or plane to get yourself here. Check her blog out at: GeekMomLife

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    Hosted by Escapist Comic Staff (Jessica Balboni and Jesse Hett), the Escapist Comics Podcast features reviews of the current week's comics and insightful and often comedic looks at comics today, comic book movies, tv, celebrities, and sometimes a bit of gossip. If it looks like a comic and smells like a comic, it's fair game. Many of the podcasts feature comic creator interviews. Those who have appeared on the podcast include Rick Remender, Brian Wood, Alex de Campi, Becky Cloonan, Matteo Pizzolo, Matthew Rosenberg, Babs Tarr, Jason Latour and countless others. (well maybe it's a number you can count to but that doesn't sound anywhere as good as "countless", does it?)

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